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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 6, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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that dancing and in the meantime we want you to keep it right here on fox news channel. good night, we'll see you tomorrow night with another great cable news show for you. p anyway. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> obama is just as corrupt as anybody els. [bleep] obama. >> bill: last remaining occupy loons turning on president obama in oakland. we will report a story few in the liberal media about tell you about. >> i'm not going to respond to a dirty liar who hasn't filed a single page of tax returns himself. >> republic party attacking senator harry reid for saying mitt romney has not paid his taxes. we have a follow-up report on this very bitter controversy. >> why do you work for fox news? i mean, was it the first people that would hire you after your dad made a phone call? >> and jesse watters traveling
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across america to find places that despise the factor. >> it seems like a lot of people hate fox here. what's up with that? >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. hidden agendas that hurt you. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. some conservative americans believe president obama intentionally wants to hurt the country. that is he a communist or a socialist or whatever. but talking points does not speculate about things that cannot be proven. although in our second segment tonight we will discuss president obama's youthful association with a hard core communist. however, there are a number of hidden agendas on the left that can be proven. we all know about the medical marijuana ruz where states like california and colorado
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gave licenses to pot shops and now have to close them down because of all the social problems they are causing. in those states anybody can walk in with an alleged pain in their toe and walk out with an intoxicant. again, it's it's a ruse. some hard core drug dealers are victims who should not be put in prison. this is another ruse to try to get hard drugs decriminalized in the u.s.a. i mean, think about it. about 30,000 americans will die from illegal drug overdoses this year alone. 30,000. another 23 million americans are drug-involved. addicted or dependent on things like heroin, cocaine and meth. so, let me ask you a question. if your daughter turns up dead tonight from an overdose of narcotics, do you think the person who sold her those drugs is a victim?
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do you think that person does not deserve to spend time in prison? if you do think that, you could be mentally ill. that's how extreme the "new york times" position is. selling drugs is a violent act. they hurt people. they enslave them. cause aides when you inject the drugs. they cause people to commit heinous crimes. prostitute themselves. but the far left loons, they don't care about that. they want the drugs legalized. the unintended consequences, be damned. so far the country has not fallen for the legalization garbage but the far left is pushing it in a stealth way. and then there is the occupy wall street movement which the liberal press praised all over the place. remember that? well, now we find out again in the "new york times" that there is only one, one active occupy group still causing trouble. you may remember talking points said the occupiers
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withdrew last november when they began turning violent. it turns out the city of oakland has been just about destroyed by these punks. who last friday night, even attacked president obama's campaign office. [cheering] obama is just as corrupt as [bleep] everybody else. [bleep], [bleep]. obama. >> bill: according to the times the occupy movement is a wash in drugs and hard core anarchy. you won't hear that being reported on the "new york times." we are living in an age where the truth is hard to come by. where there are hidden ageneral does all over the place. it's my job to expose those ageneral does, thus the talking points memo this evening. and that is the memo. now, for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from washington fox news analyst mary katharineham and here in the studio juan williams whose book muzzled
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thought out in paperback. take it to the beach. you will like it. all right, juan, what say you drugs first? >> on the are you goings front we have had three decades of this war on drugs bill, three decades. what do we see? is there any decrease in the people selling drugs who you rightly identify as criminals? they are nobody's victims and they should be punished but my gosh, we have more people selling drugs right now. we have more young people or more people in general doing drugs, especially prescription drugs by the way. so my thought is, well, wait a second, if they are saying that we have so many people in jail, in this country, i think we have more people in jail than the chinese chims, than anybody else, and most of it is related to drug related offenses and some of it just selling small amounts. these aren't major drug dealers, then why is it that we shouldn't think about rehabilitation or doing something differently, chris christie a good republic, governor of new jersey, just said the other day the war on drugs has been an absolute abysmal failure. >> bill: all right. what do you say mary
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katharine? >> i think what the "new york times" says is we should look at mandatory sentencing requirements on federal level and see if they are working offer overloading the system. i don't think that's unreasonable thing. partly because of conservative i look at all levels of government and say are we using money as efficient as possible. i wish the left would take skeptical eye to other things. area where you can say for instance in florida the state drug trafficking law what makes you a big criminal, a drug trafficker, a drug dealer is to have i believe, 7 pills of oxy can be the amount that you are caught with so, you are actually ensnarg people who are maybe addicted who are victims of these other bigger drugs. >> bill: let's take it out of the theoretical realm both of you. >> but that's real. >> bill: your daughter, you know, 19 years old, all right? dead because she takes oxycontin, rovment o.d.'s and she is dead. the person who sells her that all right? what should happen to that person, mary katharine? what? i think. >> what?
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rehab? >> just for the record, that was theoretical and what i was talking about was an actual law. theoretical. >> simple direct forward answer i want you to answer it? >> the judge should have some discretion to say, look,. >> bill: no. i don't want to hear this. i want to hear. >> i'm talking in real facts. >> bill: what should happen to the person who sold your daughter the pills that killed her? >> they should have a trial and if they are convicted they can go to jail. >> bill: that's nice. no mandatory, right? >> here is the problem. when you have a mandatory sometimes you are catching that girl who is hooked on drugs. you are not catching the person who is selling it to her. >> bill: the girl hooked on drugs sells to someone else, all right? to supply her own habit and that's that someone else dies you are giving them a pass, mary katharine. >> i think there is other ways to intercept that problem. >> if it's my daughter i want a 10 mandatory for that person who sold, the death drug. i think my daughter is worth
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10 years in prison. all right. i'm asking you the same question. >> i certainly don't. >> i'm asking you the same question. >> i'm not going to sit here and play games with you my child i would want the guy killed. i wouldn't have any mercy, i just don't know that that is good policy. >> here it is. here is the policy. it's almost like the child molestation policy. here is the policy. okay? if you sell hard narcotics, i don't care whether you are addicted or not. and i don't care whether you have seven pills or not. okay. in the states, and the states have the discretion, they have a right to say these are dangerous drugs, these lead to death, all right? that's provable, and if you sell them, you are going to spend a lot of time in prison. if we have prison overcrowding, all right? we will build more prisons, now, can you incars wait your way out of the problem? i don't think so. i don't think you can. but that doesn't mean you give pernicious people a pass, mary katharine. it doesn't mean you say rehab.
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probation, parole. yeah. that's why they do it because they know they get slapped on the wrist. >> no, i don't think my view actually means that. if you had mandatory sentencing which you do in all these states. >> bill: some states have it and some states don't. >> we have federal mandatory sentencing on drug crimes if you want to solve the problem and i do just as you do. >> bill: a lot of it is pleaed down. i know a kid in new jersey who died from an overdose of oxycontin, 20 years old. they know who sold it to them. do you know what the narcotics detective in patterson, new jersey says to me? hey, they do it all the time. what do you want us to do about it? i want you to arrest the kids. you got the phone records. they don't want to take the time because they know the d.a. will plea it down to possession. that kind of crap. we're not tough enough in this country on it. >> what you say you want
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mandatory requirement 10 years done. >> know want aggressive prosecution of people who traffic in poison. i didn't feel sorry for them if they are addicted themselves. i want them out of here. that's what i want. >> there can be unintended consequences for those as well in having disability. >> bill: for. >> what for instance you get the girl who has three pills on her or whatever, and you give her a mandatory sentence of five years. >> bill: bull. i wouldn't do that there is a pattern of behavior. >> but you do get caught and sometimes ensnarg those people and that's what i want to prevent. which is why you give people -- >> bill: it's gobblably gook. i only have 30 seconds with you on this. move on. come on. wasn't i right last november when i said they were through? and now we have these people crashing in on obama. >> not true. >> bill: you know what they are going to be doing? causing as much trouble as possible. do you think these are regular folks? >> no. by the way. i have no sympathy. those are anarchists. >> bill: that's who is going to be at the convention. >> no, no, no. i think there is a big message
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coming from occupy wall street. fairness and taxes. >> bill: on board with these people. >> most americans support the idea. highest income people in this country. >> bill: i think both mary katharine and juan are high. >> you are totally right about this one, bill, full of a bunch of anarchists. >> bill: good side now. scold you. >> that one i'm with you. >> bill: next on the run down as mentioned in his youth. president obama sought advice from hard core communist. we have a report on that. bernie goldberg angry about a story being told if you tax the u.s. more the u.s. economy will be badly
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♪ i want to go ♪ i want to win [ breathes deeply ] ♪ this is where the dream begins ♪ ♪ i want to grow ♪ i want to try ♪ i can almost touch the sky [ male announcer ] even the planet has an olympic dream. dow is proud to support that dream by helping provide greener, more sustainable solutions from the olympic village to the stadium. solutionism. the new optimism.™ ♪ this dream >> bill: personal story segment tonight, growing up in hawaii. president obama sought advice from frank marshall davis a member of the communist party. the president chronicles his association with mr. davis in his own book dreams from my
8:15 pm
father. well, now there is a new book, the communist, frank marshall davis, the untold story of barack obama's mentor. joining us now from pittsburgh, the author of the book dr. paul kengor who teaches political science at grove city college. mr. obama never said davis was his money tore, david. you use the word in your book title, why? >> i think he was clear laymen tore, bill. he refers to him 22 times by the name frank alone in his memoirs, dozens of more times pronounce. he is in literally every section of the memoirs. not just the first part in hawaii but obama mentions him when he gets to europe, africa, when obama gets to chicago, the first thick he does is he visualizes frank marshall davis. ironically it was davis himself who found himself professionally and politically in chicago just like obama did. so, i mean, i'm an historian and cold war historian. i have done books as figures
8:16 pm
as diverse as ronald reagan and hillary clinton. ronald reagan's mentor ben cleaver isn't mentioned one time in his memoirs. >> bill: davis' influence was would you say that it was more than anyone else? would you say that davis' influence on barack obama's political thinking was more than anyone else? >> well, i would say, this that during those formative years. adolescents, teen years from 197 o all the way to 1979 from the time he was nine years old until he went off to occidental college. i would say non say nobody qualifies as a mentor as as much as. >> he was a stoner in high school. this guy davis lived in hawaii. weighs kind of a bitter guy who didn't like the american system. obama's grandfather introduced the young marry as he was called back then to mr. davis. davis basically gave him advice on life.
8:17 pm
i don't see anything in your book or in president obama's book that says davis tried to inculcate him with communist dom trip. >> that's right. that's an important point. i say in the book that, you know, the book is called the communist, it's about davis being a communist and not obama. >> bill: do you think barack obama is a communist? >> bill: no, i don't. because there are some people who do. >> right. and i certainly don't say that and i think that you know what i do in the book is i lay out. it's really about davis, this is what davis believed. there is 20 chapters in the book. 90% of them are about davis and i think weighs an influence on obama, and i do go through the long list of remarkable similarities. you have got davis, you know, bashing wall street calling for taxpayer funding and universal health care. talking about fundamental change, you know, advancing fundamental change. bashing the rich, the wealthy, calling for taxpayer funding of public works projects to keep america out of the great depression.
8:18 pm
attacking general motors. all sorts of stuff. i say, okay, does that mean that obama believes these things because davis believed these things? no i mean, these could all be commonalities among the political left. i think really, bill, what davis is, is davis is another of those radical influences in president obama's past who i think help explain his intellectual, ideological and perhaps even political development and how he became a man on the left. and so i mean, we have talked about bill ayers, bill ayers isn't mentioned in dreams from my father, certainly. we have talked about jeremiah wright. and i think this is probably the most unappreciated and remarkable influence of them all and especially during those crucial mentoring years. >> bill: all right, doctor, we appreciate you coming on, the book is the communist. you know, look, president obama obviously the most powerful man in the world and we should know about his upbringing and background and who influenced him and who did not. we appreciate it thank you very much. harry reid still in trouble for accusing mitt romney of
8:19 pm
not paying taxes. we'll have the latest on this story. it's getting very bitter. jesse watters going to the places where the factor is not it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology.
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good eye.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, our good pal harry reid has never appeared on the factor although i know he secretly likes us, continues to cause angst among republicans. says mitt romney has dodged paying taxes. >> word is out that he has not paid any taxes for 10 years. let him prove that he has paid taxes because he he hasn't. >> i'm not going to respond to a dirty liar who hasn't filed a continuing sell page of tax returns himself.
8:23 pm
complains of money but lives in the ritz carlton down the street. if that's on the agenda, i'm not going to go there. there is just a made up issue. >> bill: joining us now from washington margie a democratic pollster and boston marianne march also a stallworth democrat. i think reid is helping mitt romney right now. am i wrong. >> yes, you are and let me tell you why. this is a no win situation for mitt romney. when he responds to harry reid he is keeping his tax issue in the news. is he punching down and when romney says to reid put up or shut up it's reminding voters that he isn't doing the same by releasing his own taxes. on the other hand, romney knows he has to respond because if he doesn't defend himself, voters will look at him and say if you are not sticking up for yourself, you are not going to fight for me. i can't vote for you. he can't get out of this box. >> bill: do you know what the federal law is about releasing tax returns, marianne? >> there isn't one. it's a matter of -- it's been a a matter of tradition. >> bill: all you have to do is release a financial disclose statement. mitt romney doesn't have to
8:24 pm
release anything more than he has released. >> but any other candidate has. >> bill: harry reid makes an accusation not sourced saying romney doesn't pay any taxes. marianne thinks this helps the democratic cause. i say it doesn't because independent voters are going to go all right, harry, you are going to make that accusation, you are innocent until proven getting in this country what reid wants is guilty until proven innocence the french system. i think harry secretly likes the french system what say you? >> this doesn't have anything to do with harry reid. we have been talking about mitt romney's tax returns before this and we'll be continuing to talk about it it's important for two reasons. first, there is a sense that mitt romney feels uncomfortable being open and honest with the american people and following tradition that his dad started. his father started this by releasing 12 years of tax returns his dad said one year really is not enough.
8:25 pm
the other reason that this is important is it reinforces what we know about mitt romney's tax policies. he supports tax breaks for the top five% and a tax increase for 95% of americans the independent tax policy centers came out last week this reenfors mitt's policy unpopular. >> bill: do you know the accountant firm released about taxing the wealthy, ms. o'mara, do you know. >> i do know what the american people support. >> bill: do you know what earnst and young said about taxing the wealthy, do you not. >> i do not. >> bill: you have to stick around for the bernie goldberg segment coming up. you should if you are going to spout the democratic propaganda line you should know the facts. you are not giving the viewers the honest picture about her. >> it's not a liberal, progressive it's an independent report. >> bill: there are two sides to this story. you gave the democratic side. there is another side that you are completely unaware of. i think you should know about
8:26 pm
it i'm just looking out for you. stick around for bernie. >> i'm giving the voter side. >> bill: get back to reid now. reid comes out and you are endorsing this? you say this is good for the democratic party, marianne, that he comes out, if he knows that romney didn't pay the taxes, that's big. that is jail time for the -- see, it would be hard for romney to campaign in prison. see, he couldn't go a lot of places. so, if he didn't pay the taxes, then reid could put him in places con strange his whole campaign. that's what i say. if he doesn't pay taxes put it up and put him in prison and obama will probably win. does that make sense to you, marianne. >> no. we are not in a court law here. >> bill: oh, we could be if he didn't pay taxes as a responsible citizen you would think reid would hand that over to the irs so they could cuff romney and try him and incarcerate him. >> no. i think the problem for romney is he probably -- he may not have paid taxes and it was probably all legal because he
8:27 pm
took advantage of every possible tax loophole. >> bill: do you know that to be a fact. >> that's the problem. >> bill: do you know that. >> i don't because mitt romney in his previous three races has never releases his taxes publicly and he got away with it. >> bill: is he a rich guy. look, the "wall street journal" says he should release. i mean, look the "wall street journal" says he should release his taxes and a whole bunch of other people do. i don't care one way are 00 other. it doesn't bother me whether he does or he doesn't. however, i do care that if didn't pay taxes as harry reid alleges. i think i want him investigated because i pay a lot of my taxes, all my taxes, i'm sure you ladies do, too i think harry is he good patriot and responsible citizen put this right to the irs and doesn't have to tell it us here on the factor. just give it to the irs. harry won't do that because is he blowing smoke. ms. omero when you hear what
8:28 pm
bernie goldberg has in earns and young, i know you are going to change your mind about taxing the rich. that's not a good thing. are you keeping an open mind to the segment that's coming up. >> i would love to stick around and listen to the segment. >> bill: thank you. >> but i'm representing what i hear focus groups and see on polls. >> doesn't change mind about what earnst and young says. >> changing voter's minds. i'm a voter in d.c. right? so it's about changing voters minds. and voters don't want to see, they have to pay 95% will have to pay more in taxes while 5% pay less. that's not what voters want. >> everybody is going to have to pay more taxes. all right? obama care. going to rife right through everybody is going to pay more. that's just the way it's going to be. all right, ladies beings are thanks a lot. appreciate it plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. jesse watters goes to san francisco to find out why some people don't like fox news and the factor. that should be interesting. then bernie goldberg is mentioned with a report about
8:29 pm
rich people and taxes that is being buried by the media we hope you stay tuned to those reports. mom: ready to go to work? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ every mom needs a little helper.
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so what i'm saying is, people like options. when you take geico, you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. >> bill: watters world segment three places that do not like fox news and the factor. there are not many of them but they do exist in america. first up nancy pelosi's strong hold, san francisco. ♪ ♪
8:33 pm
>> define the city of fran san francisco for me. >> very liberal. it's the most accepting and friendliest city i have ever lived in. >> a place where liberal people have taken over the world and [bleep] can get away with [bleep] whatever they want. >> isn't that typical. >> the one city of the, the one spot of the world where people who are outsiders can be who they are. >> that is cracked. >> i'm semiretired, trying to model. >> what kind of modeling gig russ looking to get. >> any kind. >> any kind? >> any kind, yes. >> why do so many people hate fox news here? >> because it's conservative. >> terrible. >> what, me? >> not you personally, jesse. you seem very nice. you have a nice smile. >> can i get a hug right now. >> i don't even have a television. >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> are you? >> do you consider yourself male or female. >> i'm both. >> technically how does that work. >> for me it works fine. >> i don't know what to say. >> it seems like a lot of people hate fox here.
8:34 pm
what's up with that. >> i love fox news, man. they just tell how it is. >> sometimes the news is slanted more toward the dark. >> wait a minute? >> just like, i don't know, they are, i don't know, i don't know, just like, i don't know. >> i don't know, he is on -- we are not talking about him. >> i don't hate fox news. >> that's so nice to hear. >> why does it seem like so many people hate fox news here? >> because they lie all the time. >> do you have any proof of that? or any examples? >> tons of it. >> i bet you got to run. >> yes i have acupuncture appointment. >> stay loose. >> i actually don't hate fox news and i feel like that's kind of a minority here. >> liberal friends confront you about your fox fandom. >> liberals don't vote. don't get it done. idealism doesn't work unless you work hard at it. >> you said it, man. ♪ >> you can feel the music, right? >> yeah, i'm feeling it. >> we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams.
8:35 pm
>> american news doesn't get facts. you give scandal to get ratings. >> you currently single? >> yes. >> okay. well good luck with with everything. >> i just hope you have better luck than i have. >> why do you work for fox? i mean was it the first one that would hire you after your dad made a phone call? >> oh. >> oh. >> bill o'reilly? >> that's the worst of them all. [ laughter ] [evil laugh] >> bill gets a little crusty and cranky, that can be entertaining. >> he makes really good points. >> yoik o'reilly. he talks out the side of his neck too much. >> bill o'reilly being a bad ass tell people what's up. that's my favorite part about it. >> eat a lot of vegetables and cut out processed foods. >> tip of the day. >> tip of the day. >> bill o'reilly you are the man. san francisco, long hairs love you. don't trip.
8:36 pm
>> bill: all right, now, was everybody nice to you there because you have the logo on the mike so people know right away. were they nice. >> they hate you. they loved me. >> that's not just san francisco. that's true, the one thing did you tell me i want to remind the audience of this. you said if anybody ever punches me in the face lean into it because then i will be famous like herald and can i sue them for 100 grand. >> bill: get the nose right over here and that's 2 million for you. >> at least. when you go out on the street in san francisco, a lot of people it's a walking city. there is a lot of people around. >> right. >> bill: does anybody give you jazz. >> i found more in san francisco. when i'm doing interviews on the street. will walk by and say f fox news and then the cowards will run await a minute when i confront them they call you a bigoted homophobe. why would the president of the united states, barack obama, your guy invite this bigot into the white house for an interview?
8:37 pm
and they are shell shocked. >> bill: the guy who said, you hear that all the time that fox lies business. that's from the internet. this guy with the little mustache there, he has tons of them but he doesn't have time to give you one. >> he can't give me one example example. i have all day. i will sit there i have all day. >> bill: dizzy that guy. >> acupuncture appointment. >> he was a little tight. >> bill: maybe you should have given him your address. >> i'm not giving that guy my address. >> bill: give me one lie. on the air 16 years and never had to retract a story excepted for that one crazy thing on breitbart. that will never happen again here. next, tomorrow, you are aware. aware -- you are, where? >> cambridge. >> did you go to school there. >> i did. >> you going to harvard we have pretty funny comments. >> bill: jesse watters tomorrow evening, everybody. when we come right back. bernie goldberg on a suldy that says rising taxes will
8:38 pm
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. new study out of earnst and
8:42 pm
young which i referenced before accounting firm says president obama successful raising taxes on taxes and lose hundreds of thousands of jobs. you will not hear that story on the network news. that has teed off our pal bernie goldberg. this is a significant study, right? >> yeah. i would say so. it's not a total news blackout because the "new york times," the "the washington post," to their credit. and fox news did cover it what earnst and young, a respected organization says is that if barack obama gets his way and if taxes go up on the so-called rich, 710,000 jobs. will be killed off. >> bill: i don't know how you get it down to 710,000 jobs. >> they're accountants. that's all they do is do numbers. >> bill: t could be 707,000.
8:43 pm
maybe 12,000. >> okay. how about about 700,000 jobs. >> bill: the backup is the most fascinating to me. i don't understand why cbs, nbc and abc wouldn't cover it because the backup is very fascinating which is why i said to ms. omero who doesn't care with all due respect. hundred thousand business owners would have under the new tax the rich plan have their taxes go up. 900,000. that's a lot of business owners right there they are going up. pass the cost on to the consumer, higher prices. >> or fire somebody they are not going to say we will take less profit because a lot of them are not even making profit in the recession. that's number one. go ahead. >> i was going to say so you are raising a question here, bill. and that is so why does the media ignore something like this? look, one possibility and i know my conservative friends are going to call me naive for
8:44 pm
saying it's only a possibility is that the so-called mainstream media the networks don't want to report stuff if they can avoid it i think it's a distinct possibility. but i think. >> bill: i think it's true. >> let's give them more benign interpretation let's say they didn't do t because it's not a government report and therefore it's not on their radar screen. let's just say. solution that would fix this no matter what the cause is. and that is an affirmative action program for the smallest conservatives, because if they had a few conservatives in the newsroom, somebody would have said, hey, come on, this is news worthy. let's put this on the conservative. i think it's if you are looking out for the folks, and
8:45 pm
this is another stat. that if president obama gets what he wants, the tax hike on the affluent, me and bernie business owners will go 35%. this isn't a small tax rise, this is 10%er. this is a hit right between the eyes. >> no, bill. i hear this over and over and over again. it isn't 10% the difference between 35 and 45. it's 10 percentage points difference is 33%. >> you are correct. 10 percentage points. real quick, the romney trip. media research center, conservative group. have you been critical of them in the past. i think they do pretty good research. never had trouble with their stats. i only wish they would do it on both sides. >> 86% of the media coverage on mitt romney's overseas trip
8:46 pm
was negative. 86%. >> if you are wondering if i'm shocked like captain louie reno who went into the back room at rick's cafe in casa lancaster can a and he casablanca and he noticed gambling going on i'm not shocked at all. >> that's a big number though. >> it's huge. four years ago i wrote a book called a slobbering love affair how thed me r. media fell in love with barack obama. they driewld over him four years ago and all they can find nowted are gaffes in romney's trip. look, obviously journalists are barack obama's most loyal base. they will not abandon him. and they have got too much invested in him. >> bill: that's true. do i find that a problem? obviously. am i surprised? not at all. bernie goldberg just said journalists are president obama's most loyal base. very provocative statement. very interesting statement. i think we will pick up on that more next week.
8:47 pm
bernie goldberg, everybody, reality check on deck. we will tell you what we know about that mass murder at the sikh temple in wisconsin. funnier note chick-fil-a controversy. check is next.
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
8:50 pm
>> bark of the book segment tonight. reality check, we begin with the mass murder in wisconsin. check one. police say wade michael page former army sergeant demoted for drinking on duty shot six worshipers dead in a suburb of milwaukee. page apparently walked into the sikh temple, opened fire, he sported a 9/11 tattoo. and the southern poverty law center identified him as a neo nazi. police shot and killed page
8:51 pm
but not before six innocent human beings lost their lives. obviously this is a second mass murder this summer and questions are being asked about the state of arime. all i can say at this point is that the country is changing. not for the better. many people are very frustrated and many unstable folks are being stoked up by hate web sites. no spin. check two. becoming apparent that mitt romney's wealth is campaign issue number one for the democrats. >> my name is rafalka the romney leg horse. you might have seen my executing leg changes. how do i pull off grace and athleticism while looking so good maybe it's because the romneys spend $77,000 a year on my upkeep and after mitt romney repeals healthcare and ship your job overseas, i tear say your life will not be nearly as pam perfected as mine. after all, you are not one of his horses. >> bill: now tomorrow that horse will compete in the olympics, and if it wins the
8:52 pm
gold medal check believes it will have to pay taxes on it check three, last week a man named adam smith made headlines when he photographed himself browbeat ago chick-fil-a employee in arizona. while mr. smith was fired from his job at a medical device maker and now has repented. >> rachel, i am so very sorry for the way i spoke to you on my -- you handled my frustrating rant with dignity and composure. every time i watch the video, i'm blown away by really the beauty in what you did and your kindness and your patience with me. >> bill: so check says mr. smith should get his job back. in america we believe in redemption. check four, the web site funny or die also weighed in on chick-fil-a.
8:53 pm
>> hello there. it's me, the considerable. it don't take a bona fide einstein genius to know that i'm an old fashioned sort. when it comes to the subjecti marriage rights. i believe i'm a bit more progressive than my pals at chick-fil-a. let it be known that colonel sanders loves the gay. hell, i might even be gay. >> we are even initiating a table date mandate at participating locations. >> the actor is john goodman playing the colonel. and finally check 5, the rag do youu spatting people ran a his kay ad last night during the olympics. >> mom, hey mom. ♪ >> parents in bed, but it's just 8:00. that's why they taught you you should always knock.
8:54 pm
ragu -- give him ragu he has been through enough. >> a long day of childhood calls for america's favorite pasta sauce. >> bill: check is not seeing the connection between spatting and that contrived situation. dumb ad, no spin. and that is reality check. factor tip of the day. another money deal for you. 60 seconds away. it's something you're born with. and inspires the things you choose to do. you do what you do... because it matters. at hp we don't just believe in the power of technology. we believe in the power of people when technology works for you. to dream. to create. to work. if you're going to do something. make it matter.
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you'll inevitably find yourself on aolate highway in your jeep grand cherokee. and when you do, you'll be grateful for the adaptive cruise control that automatically adjusts your speed when approaching slower traffic. and for the blind spot monitoring that helps remind you that the highway might not be as desolate... you thought. ♪
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we found it disturbing to watch you and lou dobbs laugh about rising gas prices. it's not amusing for those of us struggling economically. that's why i cover the issue so intensely, sandy. dobbs and i, we're not laughing about -- we were laughing, i should say, dobbs and i, about the lame excuses the oil industry gives for raising the pump price. i think that was pretty obvious. george collison, pembrook pines, florida, wake up and smell the petroleum, o'reilly. the record companies report record profits. bill, i'm a librarian and agree
8:58 pm
that is a great resource. did you know you can access it free at the library? i did not know that, beth. what a great tip. thank you. jake smith, east troy, wisconsin. mr. o'reilly, i'm 10 years old and just finished reading "killing lincoln" as one of my summer books. that makes me happy, jake. a special thank you to all the schools around the united states using "killing lincoln" in their summer reading programs. i've had a lot of kids write to me. a lot of kids are whining about it, by the way. i know a couple of kids on long island forced to read the book this summer, whining. read it. i was going to say a bad word, but i didn't. finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day, vacations are expensive. everybody knows that. when you book a hotel, make sure they tell you what the taxes are and if there's a "resort fee." that's the latest con. it can pack hundreds of dollars on to the price. by the way, best hotel i ever
8:59 pm
stayed at in my life, the oriental in bangkok, thailand. that was some time ago. it was a great hotel back then. don't know now. the worst, in spain on my way to morocco. rats were leaving that building. a lot of options that night. take a ferry across to morocco, had to stay in that dump. anyway, here's the tip of the day. put a large jar in your kitchen. every day, every member of the family puts all their change in the jar. they come home with change in their pocket, bang, in the jar. if they don't put it in there, they get fined five bucks. after six months, you'll have enough money to pay for a nice vacation. you won't believe how fast spare change mounts up. big money jar in the kitchen. got to be disciplined. all the change goes in the jar. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight. check out the fox news "factor" website. good talking points there. if you


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